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Growing-Herbs.com is a site created out of my love of planting, growing, harvesting and drying herbs; plus using culinary herbs in the kitchen. I've been doing all of the above for about 20 years, and I still learn something new about herbs every day.

What I have tried to provide you with is the knowledge which I have gained through extensive study and by trial and errors I have experienced, since I poked my first herb seed in the ground. Where there was a mistake to be made, I have made it!

If you feel that any of this material is incorrect, tell me. If the information you provide is sound, I will make the alteration and give you on-site credit for the correction.

Any printed information or printed content you find on this site is yours to do with as you please. You may copy, paste, download or reuse any of it however you wish. But, rather than plagiarizing the content, if you wish to use it on another site or other commercial enterprise, just give me credit somewhere or if on the Internet, install a link back to this site. At that, we will call it even.

You are free to download or copy any photos you wish to use. If there is a photographer credit on the photo please leave it; if a hyperlink is imbedded in the photo leave it intact. Other than those 2 simple conditions, knock yourself out.


As you cruise the site you will no doubt notice an advertisement or link to an advertiser here and there. Rest assured this is not intended to be an affiliate web site, although an occasional click on an ad or an advertisement will help recover some of the web site expenses. If you see something interesting, give it a click, it will not cost you a thing; if you buy something, you will help me with site expenses.

herbal medicine: cures and treatments; It has to be said

All of the content provided on this site is intended purely for the enjoyment and education of the site visitors. Any information provided regarding the use of herbs in herbal medicine, as an herbal treatment or herbal cure typically comes from other sources. Any recommendations made in such text should be approved by your primary care physician or PA. I do not stand behind any of it because I'm not qualified in any medical category.

And besides, I can't afford the lawsuit.

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