Drying Common Herbs correctly, is as important as sound cultural practices.

Drying Common Herbs is the payoff for wise Herb Gardening throughout the growing season.

Not all herbs should be harvested in the same fashion. For more detailed instructions about drying specific herbs consult the herb articles which are found in our Herb Directory.

drying herbs Quickly is not the Best Practice for Drying fresh Herbs.

Be Patient! Do not risk the herb harvest from your Herb Garden!

Each Garden Herb has its own, unique Drying Profile

the only place to find this ideal herb drying environment is inside of a good Food Dehydrator.

Natural, air drying for Dill, Oregano, Sage, Mints and similar thin-leafed herbs:

Oven Drying for Basil, Rosemary and other high moisture herbs:

Only after your refusal to try drying herbs in a in a food dehydrator!  (don't say that I didn't warn you!)