Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest Medicinal Herbs used by Herbalists in Herbal Medicine.

Group: Ginkgophyta - Order: Ginkgoales - Family: Ginkgoaceae - Genus: ginkgo

Ginkgo Biloba leafGinkgo Biloba Trees occupy such a unique position in nature, botanists have found it as difficult to classify as the public has found it difficult to spell! Ginkgo Biloba is misspelled ginko biloba, gingko biloba and gingo biloba more often than you will see it spelled correctly.

Plant Type:

information about Ginkgo Biloba  and its uses in Herbal Medicine:

Ginkgo Biloba  benefits seem to far outweigh  adverse side effects of ginkgo biloba:

Before deciding to take ginkgo, use good judgment. It is always good to inform your health care providers about any supplements that you are using which might contain Ginkgo Biloba.