Thyme Plants are easy to grow from Thyme Seeds if the Herb Gardener follows a few simple rules.

Garden ThymeThymus vulgaris

Thyme is an ancient herb plant native to Mediterranean area. The first documented use of thyme was by the ancient Egyptians. Thyme was originally used for cleansing and incense.

Thyme is Hardy Perennial which is extremely fragrant and flavorful. Thyme is a small woodland plant with heart-shaped, pale green leaves in a clump at its base, topped by dainty spikes of feathery white, lavender or pink flowers. Native to North America, thyme plants grow from 1 foot to 2 feet tall with the foliage turning red in autumn.

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This is a Thyme recipe that will add some extra zing to a simple butter garnish, courtesy of

In a small bowl, mash together all ingredients, including black pepper to taste. Makes about 3 Tbs.

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