Verbena or Common Vervain is historically associated with giving magical powers to sorcerers and witches.

Verbena officinalis -Common VervainVerbena officinalis

Verbena has been used as a medicinal herb since antiquity. The scientific name for Common Vervain refers to the ancient Roman term Verbena, which was used for any sacrificial herb considered very powerful. Officinalis is Latin term meaning "used in medicine or herbalism." Vervain, administered in a tea was reputed to help treat nervous problems and insomnia.

The herb, also described as an aphrodisiac, was said to “secure the favor of the ladies”. It is of very old usage as a digestive and sedative nightcap.

Common Vervain has also been associated with Chinese medicine. The Pawnee Native Americans used Vervain to improve their dreams. Verbena is known as an herb of inspiration long used by poets and writers.

Verbena can be of an Annual or perennial Plant Type:

Verbena officinalis is a nice addition to any Herb Garden.

Best Growing Zones for growing common verbena:

Best Soil Type for growing verbena:

Vervain hastata - Purple Vervain

Propagation of verbena and growing verbena is not as difficult as some herbs:

verbena tea, or Vervain Tea

Verbena tea To help calm and relax: Try this relaxing Tea!

Allow to steep for 20 minutes, use hot water only, not yet boiling.

Boiling water will destroy the beneficial active ingredient in the Verbena. Strain and then drink 20 minutes before bedtime.

To help you sleep:

Mix the herbs all and add to 1 cup boiling water. Steep 8 minutes, strain and sip.

Used as a Fever Reducer:

Pour 2 cups boiling water over the mix of herbs. Steep for 10 minutes and strain and then drink.