Preparing the Garden Soil begins with one of four basic soil types.

Garden soil definitions differ in infinite varieties of characteristics and composition. Garden Soil Composition varies with the arrangement of sand, silt, and clay particles, content of organic matter and minerals.

The challenge to the vegetable or herb gardener is to discover the percentage of organic matter, each type of soil particle is contained in the garden soil.

garden soil composition can be divided into four basic soil types or garden soil definitions.

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The next challenge is understanding soil tests

Annual Soil Testing using quality soil test kits is the basis for any successful vegetable or herb garden. Most garden suppliers provide inexpensive, safe and easy to use soil test kits. The average Soil Test Kits will provide an accurate garden soil profile.

The results from types of soil tests include a summary of the available nutrients represented by the three numbers seen on all fertilizer containers:

Soil Testing provides critical information, without which the herb gardener has no starting point from which to treat and enrich the herb garden soil.

Each of our garden suppliers has accurate information regarding organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizers and the advantages or disadvantages of each when used with the various soil types in your area.

Annual Soil Testing using quality soil test kits is the basis for any successful herb garden or herb growing enterprise.

It is the plain, simple truth. Find out how simple and easy it is to soil test your herb garden soil!